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The Best Time of the Year: Trunk Shows

Its 5 weeks to Christmas, and as an early Christmas present, we want to share with brides who are on their gown search journey, how a Trunk Show can be the BEST time to purchase your bridal gown. This year alone Truly Enamoured has had more than 5 Trunk Shows from almost all of our International Designers; Inbal Dror, Mira Zwillinger, Lee Grebenau, Alexandra Grecco, Liz Martinez and Alon Livne White, and we have seen many brides who have successfully found their gowns during the Trunk Show!
They are when a designer ships a large selection of their latest collection to a boutique stocking their designs for brides to try. Trunk Shows are of limited time period usually one to two weekends, there after the Trunk Show collection gets shipped back to the designer, or the next boutique running the Trunk Show. Trunk Shows are reminiscent to how royalty curates their wardrobe in the Victorian era, where designers bring trunks of their latest designs to royalty for their selection.
Why should Brides go for Trunk Shows?
Trunk Shows are PERFECT for brides who know they like a particular designer and are after his/her styles. Brides who register for the Trunk Show gets to try on gowns from the Trunk Show selection in a private appointment. During a Trunk Show appointment, a bride can get detailed advice on what styles would better suit her silhouette and her style. At Truly Enamoured we call it a personal style appointment.
Be the first to try on the latest Collection for your Favourite Designer…
During a Trunk Show, the collection can have as many as up to 20 gowns from a designer. In fact, the selection from a Trunk Show is much wider from what the boutique would normally carry, and a significant portion of the Trunk Show selection would be from the designer’s latest collection.
Trunk Shows work better if the bride has tried on a few of the Designer’s gowns before and know what silhouettes you’d like. It makes the process of finding a gown that much easier.
Upon selecting your gown, the boutique would take measurements for the bride to ensure that the gown is as close to your size as possible. For Truly Enamoured, minor customisations to your gown are allowable, because of the support we receive from our designers! They are so attuned to the needs of our Brides.
The best for last
One great perk of getting your gown at a Trunk Show, is that boutiques usually offer substantial discounts off the retail price, when brides purchase their gowns during the Trunk Show. It’s a time limited offer and available only during the Trunk Show! So take note, ladies!
If you haven’t already found your gown, do check our Trunk Show and Events schedule, here. Trunk Shows are planned well in advanced so do enquire about them out while planning your gown shopping. Our final Trunk Show of the year, by Alon Livne White is from 1-9 December 2017, and it’s open for registration, here. Happy Gown Shopping!