Serving brides from everywhere around the world. Here’s an exclusive interview with our TE bride from Indonesia.
1. Tell us more about your wedding gown and how you arrived to choosing it for your big day!

In Indonesia, most of the women would choose to have a custom made gown for their big day. It is not the norm to buy or rent a ready-made designer dress. A couple years back when my sister was looking for an inspiration for her custom made wedding gown, she stumbled across Berta dresses. When she showed me, I knew that I wanted to have a ready-made designer dress such as Berta’s instead of going through the trouble of designing a dress from scratch. When it was my time to choose a dress, I looked for the nearest place where I could get my hands on a Berta dress. It was then when I found out about TE. I fell in love with so many dresses that TE offers. I was especially interested in Lee Grebenau and Berta dresses. After many consultations and whatsapp exchange, I finally picked my wedding gown and it could not have been more perfect.

2. Share with us your experience with virtual consult and home fitting with TE especially during the pandemic?

Never having been in TE gallery, I was a bit skeptical at first. I asked my friend to survey TE gallery and I received good feedback from her. From that point on, virtual consult was very easy on me. I only needed to screenshot a dress that I like and TE team would send me a video or a photo of TE model wearing it. Home fitting, on the other hand, was a bit of a challenge due to the problem we had with Indonesian customs. Despite the arduous process, TE team patiently sorted out the problem.

3. Tips for wedding planning during these uncertain times?

Ever since we were little, girls are fed with these crazy expectations that wedding is suppose to be the best day of our lives. This way of thinking puts a huge pressure on the bride-to-be. Therefore, I choose to believe that my best days are ahead of me and focus on preparing myself for a marriage instead of a wedding. With this new mindset, I was able to have fun and be more flexible in my wedding planning and on my wedding day.

Teresa Novia
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