The Boutique

A modern Parisian inspired Loft space, now even closer to the heart of the city, our new boutique is located at Oxley Tower along Robinson Road. Our new home provides an elevated experience for our brides, while remaining true to our Fine Art philosophy which celebrates individuality, creativity and beauty. During your stay at our cosy space, you can look forward to espresso and artisanal rose tea from our coffee bar, finding inspiration from engagement portraits, while browsing through our artfully curated selection of gowns.

Creative Direction

We are two sisters who want to share our love for Fine Art bridal aesthetic. We travel the world in search of emerging designers and inspiration for bespoke paper goods.

We aim to create a place where brides meet the dress which reflects their own unique and charming personality. Through private styling sessions, we help brides achieve beautiful events with stunning gowns with the Fine Art aesthetic, accessories, and even stationery that brands their wedding.

Having been experienced brides ourselves, we love sharing our experience and ideas, so feel free to drop us a message today for an appointment and get ready to be inspired!

Preferred Partners
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Does Truly Enamoured offer rental or purchase?

Gowns are available for both rental and purchase.

Which gowns from the Truly Enamoured collection can be purchased?

Any gown from the boutique can be purchased. For our Exclusive labels, we are able to bring in gowns not in our boutique for brides to try on.

How often do new styles come in?

We receive new styles every month. Please check our social media sites or website for new pieces.

Do I need to make an appointment to try on gowns?

An appointment is needed for brides who wish to try on our gowns. And because we want to give our brides our full attention and service, we are not able to accommodate walk-ins.

How long in advance should I make my appointment?

Whether rental or purchase, we would advise you to start your gown search 6 – 12 months prior to your event (wedding/engagement session). For gowns purchased from our designers, they would be made tailored to your measurements. The production process, shipping and alterations would take a minimum of 6 months. So if you have found a style that you love, we recommend booking an appointment at your earliest convenience.

How should I prepare for my first appointment?

For the first fitting, we would suggest you bring your own appropriate undergarments (which may include nude, strapless bra), as well as shoes with the desired height. You may wish to have one or two other persons whose opinion you value at your appointment for the selection of your gown.

What sizes do your sample gowns come in?

Most of our sample gowns are of US size 2 – 8, but the fit varies by style and brides are advised to try on the gowns to decide on their sizing.

Does Truly Enamoured offer alteration services?

We work with our partner alterations specialist, Haute Alterations. They have extensive experience with alterations for bridal wear.

How long do alterations take, and how much would they cost?

Alterations are done usually 4-6 weeks prior to the big day.

Could I rent a gown for my engagement or pre-wedding photo session?

Absolutely, our designer gowns can be rented for your engagement or pre-wedding sessions. Please schedule an appointment with us for more details.

If you are already renting the gown for your wedding event, you may take the gown for your engagement or pre-wedding session at no additional charge, provided that the engagement or pre-wedding session is within 3 months of your wedding event.

When would I need to return the gown(s)?

Please return the gowns within 3 working days so that the gowns can be assessed and dry cleaned immediately.

Would dry clean of the gown be required? How much does dry clean cost?

Dry clean would be required after each rental to preserve the condition of the gown. Brides are required to place a SGD300 dry clean deposit upon collection of their gowns. Any balance from the dry cleaners will be refunded to the bride.

Why is there a security deposit for gown rentals?

Gowns on rent would require a 50% security deposit, this is to ensure that gowns are returned in acceptable conditions. The security deposit will be refunded if the gowns are returned in acceptable conditions. (eg. not torn, with removable stains).

What is a bridal trunk show?

Truly Enamoured receives a large collection of gowns from a Designer’s latest collection and classic pieces from past collections. Brides are able to try on gowns from a wider selection than what the boutique will normally carry. Find out more here.


How should I engage Truly Enamoured’s preferred partners or partners from the Actual Day Wedding Services package?

Contact details of our partners will be provided to you. Present your Truly Enamoured Invoice, and inform the respective preferred partner of your event date.

Brides should note that additional charges may apply for services not included in the package, or for additional services required.

Would I need to make an appointment for bespoke wedding stationery design services?

You could write in to for bespoke design services, let us know what type of cards are required, the desired theme, quantities, and your event date. We would be able to discuss inspiration over email correspondence, or even via voice call. Should you like to view our samples in person, please make an appointment with us.

How far ahead should I make my appointment/ enquiry?

Bespoke design process takes 3 – 6 months, depending on how many different items are required. Full suite would take about 6 months, and we would advise brides to make your enquiry at least 8 months prior to your event to ensure ample time for printing, addressing and sending out your invites.

Does Enamoured Paper offer printing services?

The rates we quote are only for design services;  they are not inclusive of printing and material costs. For total quantities below 300 pieces we are unable to offer printing services. In such instances, we are able to offer contacts of reliable and affordable paper merchants and printers. For more details on rates, do drop us an email at and let us know what you would need.

What other design services does Enamoured Paper offer?

We are able to offer any kind of design services for the branding of your event: from logo design, table numbers, menus, escort cards, place cards, love quotes, chair swags… The list goes on. Our medium of choice is paper and watercolour. But we are experimenting with non-traditional mediums, such as tiles, acrylic, wood with acrylic paint.