Custom Gowns by Maison: How is our bespoke service unique?

Since the launch of Maison, our very own label, we have been hearing a lot more questions regarding custom gowns. Because a wedding is a once in a lifetime affair, it’s understandable brides are concerned about the choices they make when in search of probably the most important attire in their entire life. As such, together with images from our styled shoot of #TEbride, Jillian in her Maison evening gown, we will be sharing about Maison’s bespoke service and how it’s different…


What is Bespoke? 

First, to answer the question we get the most often. What is bespoke? A bespoke or custom gown, is a piece that is designed by a designer specially for a bride, as opposed to one that is readily available off the rack. Have you ever felt that you have an idea or vision of what you want in a gown, but you just cannot seem to find anything that fits the bill? Or you have felt that what you have tried and seen may not exactly be in your style or just not quite what you are looking for? Then perhaps, consider Maison’s bespoke service..

The Essence of Maison

Maison translates to “HOUSE” or “HOME” from French. Maison’s bespoke service is where we articulate our thoughts and dreams into sophisticated bespoke and custom artisanal gowns. It allows us to give our brides, who love our style, the freedom to express their personal tastes into their wedding attire. We want to bring a SENSE OF HOME and SOUL into our brides’ custom gowns. And in order to achieve that, we take each bride through Maison’s Bespoke Process. The process focuses on the bride as a person, and her personality. What are her thoughts, her inspirations, her feelings, and her character. All these things shine through her bespoke gown that we design for her.


A Soul for Custom Gowns

What we give into our custom gowns are what makes up the essence of the piece. To give our brides the most unique look, Maison sources for the finest fabrics and embellishments from top fabric houses around the world. We focus on fabric houses that produce exclusive small batch embroidered and embellished laces to ensure they are unique and of high artisanal quality.
Like the cherry blossom embellished lace in blush tones on Jillian’s gown, which is intricately beaded and finely embroidered.



For brides considering bespoke, and want to know more, we would love to meet you and talk about what you envision for your gown! To make an appointment click here, or WhatsApp us at: +65 9298 8570.
Want to find out more about what goes on behind bespoke? Stay tuned for our next post!



Photography: Annabel of Annabel Law Productions

Hair & Makeup: Cleo Chang Makeup

Florals: Hello from Flour