Cinobi Cheongsam: A Pure Artisanal Experience

A picture speaks more than a thousand words

Which is why brides have reached out to us, to encapsulate and immortalise their love story in an heirloom piece with internationally renowned designer, CINOBI.

It is a truly unique experience that focuses on your love story and personality.

Beyond the gown, your CINOBI piece is an heirloom. Every single motif on a CINOBI cheongsam is first hand sketched and painstakingly hand embroidered, and beaded by local artisans.

The final outcome will be a majestic piece with a story that will be able to last through generations to come.


The Designer behind CINOBI, Novita Sanjaya’s, interest in fashion started from a very young age as her parents owned a beauty salon and bridal house. Together with her experience working with renowned fashion designers in Indonesia, she is well versed in cultural designs for the modern Indonesian and Chinese brides.

CINOBI’s internationally recognised design, is featured worldwide, in publications such as Bridestory and The Wedding Scoop.

Customising or having a bespoke gown made by a designer, is an organic process. But one that our expert stylists will take you through and help you vocalise your style and visualise your end design.

Here are some behind the scenes of putting together a custom CINOBI piece:

The motif from your love story

Keep in mind your love story which can be translated into a motif on to your cheongsam and let us help you weave magic.


A mood board organizes your ideas and inspiration. Visualise your final design with a sketch.

Envision and Decisions

An elixir of colours, layers of tulle and silk, expertly blended to envision a dreamy custom colour.

Constantly listening

A bespoke or even a customised cheongsam by CINOBI can be an organic process. But one where our stylists are constantly listening and understanding your tastes and preferences.

Special Thanks

It will indeed be an exciting occasion as you look back at the process, and the truly one-of-a-kind design portrayed on your gown! Discover Cinobi cheongsams and to view more gowns, contact us for an appointment.

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