Maison – The Process of Creating a Bespoke Gown

In our last post on Maison, Truly Enamoured’s very own label, we shared about what bespoke means. This post, we will take a look at the process behind making your very own bespoke gown with our bespoke service. See for yourself the journey you would embark on…

 Maison’s Bespoke Process:

0. Decisions & Timeline

Before making a decision to have your custom gown designed and made, it’s important to know if bespoke is a journey you would like to invest in. Maison’s Bespoke Process takes approximately five to six months from conceptualisation to completion, the time taken depends a lot on the complexity and intricacy of the design.

“Maison only takes a limited number of bespoke orders each month”

Maison only takes a limited number of bespoke designs each month. This is to maintain high artisanal quality, as well as the level of attention to detail for each bride. We are currently taking bespoke requests for 2019 brides.

1. Conceptualisation

It’s important to us that the bride’s bespoke piece speaks to her personality even as it is our design and style. Hence, we believe that understanding the bride’s personality plays a huge role in getting the right look for our bride. A large part of the first meeting with our designer is to understand the bride’s personality, her love story, and her event…

Gathering everything from the inspiration to the bride’s personality, our designer then sketches out a unique design of the gown for the bride…

2.  The Toile

Before making the actual dress, a toile or a mock-up will be made. Pronounced as “Tu-ah”, a toile fitting will give a clearer vision of what the bespoke gown will be like and to ensure that the pattern fits your body well. Here’s where it would be your last chance to bring up any feedback towards the silhouette of the gown…
After your toile fitting, any feedback will be taken into consideration and your actual gown will be made!

3. Construction & Embellishing

Most brides love embellishments on their wedding or evening looks. They add a touch of glamour, and grandeur to the gown, and elevates the look on a simple silhouette. Here’s what you don’t know. Any embellishments or fine details are meticulously placed, assembled and hand-sewn on to the actual dress.  That takes hours upon hours of hand work. Some laces may even be hand-dyed to the shade that’s perfect for you.

5. Voila!

Before your gown is complete, expect about 2 fittings (there may be more or lesser fittings, depending), this is to ensure the right fit your bespoke gown. Leading up to the final look, the dress would have been carefully checked down to the finest details numerous times. You can expect the final fitting day to be a joyous occasion, as you try on your completed Maison bespoke dress with great satisfaction and reminisce on the journey you experience with our designer. It will definitely be a remarkable piece of memento from your wedding


For enquiries on Maison’s Bespoke service drop us an email or make an appointment to meet with our designer.