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minimalist gown

The thing about minimalist gowns… we know very well how dichotomous the view of minimalistic bridal gowns can be. Far from being just a “simple” gown, the minimalist look has, in fact, spun into diverse interpretations. It is a versatile look that caters to many subtle, nuanced preferences from the Classic bridal look (think full satin ballgown) to pared down relaxed chic looks, and then to completely maximalist (the irony) to dramatic Giambattista Valli styles some would consider as Avant Garde.

Here are some of our Stylist’s picks, and we have distilled them to the varying nuanced degrees of minimalist:


Think seaside beach weddings, or even just outdoor weddings, relaxed and not too formal, BUT still very chic (no flip flops please!). For brides who want an effortless feel that still wholeheartedly reflects them, and their personality and still look sophisticated. Consider smaller silhouettes, light fabrics like crepe and tulle, or even silk and look for details like texture and pleats for dimension.



One cannot talk about minimalist gowns without sharing about the sleek mermaid looks that have made bridal wear stylish (less dowdy). We envision brides who love slightly more formal weddings, with a definite fashion twist, boutique cocktails, oyster bar, live Jazz band, fireworks…in other words, a wedding to remember

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The sleek, sophisticated minimalist look can be really transitional with accessories to create multiple looks, from detachable bow trains, dramatic sleeves, and capes… the possibilities are endless…



Here we move into the maximalist bridal gown styles that have captured the hearts of many brides. Unlike its cake-topper sisters of past eras, it has shed some bulk to give it a “lighter”, somewhat airy vibe. Still, these styles are not for the fainthearted; they are weighty though they may not look so. But definitely worth its weight in gold for the bold, dramatic look.

We have also included a minimalist look that is unconventionalin the lightest, slightest shade of blush.


With classic silhouettes in ballgowns and A-lines, the timeless satin bridal gown has been reinterpreted to reflect modern details with draping, V-necklines, and even modified square necklines. For the black-tie and white-tie events that will always remain evergreen.



New, experimental, unconventional. These are the designers exploring looks with amazing draping and shapes and silhouettes. Brides who are daring and fashionforward, we take you to the next level

Just beginning to grasp the limitless possibilities for a minimalist look? No doubt it is not just a simple bridal gown as originally envisionedSpeak with our expert stylists in Singapore today to achieve your ideal look. Book an appointment here.