Our New Home

As many of our brides and partners have already known, we have left our cosy loft of 3 years at Club Street behind, and moved into our new space at Oxley Tower. 

In the month that we have been here, we have received many compliments that the new place looks amazing, but one comment struck a chord. A bride commented that the place looks “cosy, like a home..”. And that’s exactly what we wanted to give our brides, a beautiful new place to comfortably select their wedding and evening gowns, and still find it a place that’s still down-to-earth, and not too far off from our roots…

We have always been inspired by natural light and classic beauty, and our main inspirations come from the classic Parisian apartments and lofts.

<1>                                                                                  <2>

Beautiful archways for elegance. And lots of natural light is a must for us to bring out the true colour of the gowns.

<3>                                                                       <4>

Brass accents, marble touches and classic trimmings.

We wanted to give our brides and family a relaxing and calming space for fittings and trying sessions hence a very neutral palette that is also in keeping with our style… Greys, ivory, white marble & brass accents..


A lot of thought and work went into the conceptualisation and building of our new home, all meant to take our brides on the most extraordinary journey they can have while on their wedding gown search…


Dedicated lift entrance from lobby one of Oxley Tower, and arrive directly into our loft space.

 <7>                                                                       <8>

Enjoy the lovely warm natural light we have from our high vantage point and floor to ceiling windows. Our international designer gowns can now be seen in seen in pure natural light.


   <10>                                                                        <11>

Get comfy on our Jonathan Adler settee and we’ll chat about your personal style what are your hopes for your wedding attire 🙂 Whether its an international designer gown to rent or to keep, or even a bespoke gown, we are here to help.

  <12>                                                                       <13>

We knew how important it was for our brides to be able to view our gowns with ease. Hence, these elevated brass displays that are just beyond the sitting area..

  <14>                                                                     <15> 

After picking out your gowns to try, move into the walk-in-wardrobe style fitting areas..

  <16>                                                                   <17>


Searching for a gown can be tiring at times, we know first hand. Take a breather, take a seat at our warm coffee bar and sip on espresso and artisanal rose tea…

Looking at our new loft space and where we started out 4 years ago, we have seen the amazing journey we have made. But all that would not have mattered if it was not for our brides who first believed in us. With that we promise, to all Brides who come to us, you will experience the Truly Enamoured DNA: a genuine and sincere one that’s Enamoured with all things wedding. Trust us that the advice we give, will be from our hearts as experienced brides ourselves. From brides to brides, we are keeping it real. From the big to the small details, we will be ready to listen and help you find the gown that best suits your needs and style.

Calling all discerning brides with distinctive styles, and big hearts, your bridal gown search ends here with Truly Enamoured…For a Bridal Appointment with us click here.

Photos borrowed from here: <1>, <2>, <3>, <4>

Photos by Eng Hong of 39 East Photography : <6>-<9>,<12> -<15>