Seamstress interview: May

Behind your carefully altered intricate gown lies a pair of experienced and skilled hands that make the magic happen. Meet May, our humble, cheerful, and extremely skilled seamstress. Originally from Johor Bahru, she has made Singapore her home for the past 38 years working as a seamstress.

Things that make May happy: seeing brides fit the dresses she altered like a glove, spending her off days strolling around her neighborhood, and stocking up on fruits (her favourite food).


“I used to go back JB twice a month, but I haven’t been back for almost 2 yeras now. Thankfully my family is all healthy there. I chat with them very often. Singapore is very safe. I like my simple life here.”

“Working with these delicate gowns used to daunt me but after many, many years in the field, I’ve come to enjoy altering the gowns nd the occasional challenges that come with it. I feel very happy when I see our brides fit the altered gowns well.”

p.s. Answers are translated as May speaks mostly mandarin. She believes it’s important to keep learning despite your age so she has been slowly but surely picking up conversational English as well.

On her off days, May enjoys walking around her neighborhood, praying at the temple, and shopping for t-shirts and fruits. Fun fact: May worked in her previous company for 23 years before her ex-employer decided to retire and close the shop. We hope to have her for the many years to come!

Thank you May for sharing your story with us. We hope you enjoyed getting to know her as much as we did.