An exclusive scoop on what our TEam does on their off-days:

Hi TE community – how do you recharge from your daily grind?
Here are some of our TEam’s favourite off day activities they do to recharge!


falls into the bracket of people who love to maxmise their 24 hours- even on their off-days.

From bouldering (fulfilling her monthly exercise quota), to cycling (her favourite route is that of ECP to marina barrage) to practising yoga (current pose to master: super soldier), one might think she has boundless energy.

Truth is, she spends all the other time recharging as well. Yes we do mean eating with loved ones, of course. Food refuels us, always.


A mom of two young boys, Iz takes advantage of her off-days to hang with her family. Sometimes she gets lucky and finds caretakers who are willing to adopt her kids for a few hours which will allow her to go on dates with her husband. (Pssst, they’ve been married for 6 years but have started dating since 2003!).

Remaining pockets of free time are reserved for Netflix (currently re-watching friends).



And then we have Betty, our 66 years young part-time seamstress spends her off-days doing the things she loves: line dancing (which she has been practising for over 10 years), learning to speak English and attending Etiquette classes (using her skillsfuture credits) and of course shopping (her favourite brand is Uniqlo).

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our TEam more!