Top 6 Designer Gown Styles for Summer Pre-wedding Photoshoots in 2022

Sea breeze, sunshine, blissful cocktails season, it is finally here… 

Pre-wedding, your destination wedding, or even the longawaited honeymoon or holiday any one of these are legitimate reasons to put on a fabulous, couture designer gown, and get some styled portraits or photoshoots in time to celebrate your nuptials this year!

Here are 3 moodboards with our top 6 wedding gown styles for pre-wedding photoshoots this summer:

MOOD 1: Classic Romantic Europe

LEFT: Chiara by Ines Di Santo RIGHT: 22-14 by Inbal Dror

Europe is all about fascinating history and architecture, no matter which part of Europe you are headed to, there’s just an energy in the buildings… We have selected two classic gown styles from International Couture Designers Ines Di Santo and Inbal Dror for the first mood, which is all about the classic romantic vibes. Featuring classic lace in a modern, low back mermaid silhouette, the Chiara gown by Ines Di Santo brings to life a chic Parisienne museum walkway. For a grander look, we love Inbal Dror’s latest look with bolder extravagant lace, a larger silhouette for a Chateau a la Versailles, paired with a bouquet of stunning romantic florals in a soft pastel palette. Magnifique!

MOOD 2: Sophisticated Seaside inspiration

The first thing that comes to mind in Summer, Sun Sand and Sea…but make it sophisticated.

LEFT: Ola by Newhite, RIGHT: Pado by Newhite

The latest looks from Newhite, now available in the boutique for try ons, fits the mood to a tee. With its iridescent, almost liquid silklike fabric, the Ola wedding gown reminds us of the sea and gentle waves and is a perfect juxtaposition against sea stacks and cliffs. For a more effortless, whimsical appeal, extra lightweight fabrics like that on the Pado gown are perfect for those shots running along the beach.

LEFT: Ola by Newhite, RIGHT: Pado by Newhite

MOOD 3: Culture infused

It’s always really special to leave a special place for your heritage to be featured in your wedding, to remember your roots. So, needless to say, we have come up with a moodboard that features one of our favourite designers, Cinobi, whose modern take on the traditional Chinese dress gives versatility to just about any location and adds the right amount of tradition to the mood. Two of our favourite Cinobi pieces, the Maiden and the Pink Palace, feature both delicate beading and handdone embroidery, which are the key to Cinobi’s stunning works of art.

LEFT: Maiden by Cinobi  RIGHT: Pink Palace – Cinobi x Truly Enamoured

Think about the uberluxe villas of Amandayan, in China or the peaceful cosmos fields in Jeju. Infuse a little artfully created ikebana pieces, or maybe an heirloom tea set for a wellbalanced, cultureinfused styled pre-wedding photoshoot. To add some visual interest in an outdoors setting, we love the idea of the Chinese paper umbrella or a classic fan.

Have fun with your pre-wedding photoshoot, and let us know what you think of our moodboards and if you would like to see more!

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